Let It Go – Idina Menzel version (original key – updated)

This version updated January 3.

This is the movie version by Idina Menzel in A flat. I updated it with a more accurate introduction and chorus. The end credit version by Demi Lovato is in the key of G, found here.

Piano Quick Riff – Let It Go
Originally performed by Idina Menzel

Piano quick riffs are simplified, shortened piano arrangements for educational purposes.


  1. I haven’t tried the piano sheet music but recording for Let it go by Idina Menzel is wrong. This song is by Demi Lovato, not Idina.This is good but I’m looking for a Idina Menzel Cover.

    • Anonymous

      The song was written for Idina Menzel for a Disney movie, Frozen. Then they had Demi cover it for the credits at the end. It was Idina’s song to start out with.

      • David Park

        no it wasn’t demi wrote it but then disney changed it to fit with the movie

      • Is this sheet on the full version??? I believe it is a cover for idina mensel, but as i see, the page that is shown in a mini page is not the full song

    • Anonymous

      This is Idiana’s song. Demi is just the one who covered it and honestly this is better because it has some meaning in it. Demi’s version is just another song for her. It doesn’t sound like she really cares when she sings it.

    • samjung774

      Actually this is the Idina Menzel version of Let it go featured in Frozen. This is the Idina Menzel Cover, if you’re looking the the Demi Lovato one (the one in the credits of the movie) thats on a different link. This is the Menzel version don’t worry, the Demi Lovato one is too easy for it to be by Idina Menzel :)

    • First Name, Last Name

      Its just not the complete song from the movie its just the first part

      • Demi Lovato wrote this song. The song is Demi’s but Idina’s voice is more suited to the character Ellsa, and she is a musical theatre singer, that is why she covered it for Frozen.

        • Demi Lovato did not write this song. It was originally written by Kristen Anderson Lopez and her husband Bobby Lopez. And just a little bit of information for you- Demi is nowhere near as suited as Idina is. Idina has way more experience and she actually sings with some emotion at least. Demi really had no business covering it in my opinion.

        • Demi Lovato did not write this song it was written by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. They picked her to do a cover after they wrote it and decided to release a single because of how her personal life can be identified in the song. This song is not Demi’s though.

        • This song was written by two musical theatre writers. The song was specifically written for Idina Menzel, but they chose Demi Lovato to sing the single version.

        • As it says at the bottom of the score “Words and music by KRISTEN ANDERSON-LOPEZ and ROBERT LOPEZ”. They are the song writers. Idina did the original track for the movie, Demi did a cover for the pop charts. After the Lopez’s wrote this song, they went back and did a major script rewrite to the whole movie.

        • Actually the music and lyrics are by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, and it was originally intended for Idina to sing, as she was actually cast as Elsa (not just Elsa’s singing voice). Demi Lovato covered the song for the end credits.
          There is no “Idina Menzel Cover”, because Idina’s version is the original, whereas a cover isn’t. Demi’s version is more of a cover. :)

    • anonymous

      it was written by the lopezs who were the song writers for frozen. idina sang it in the movie and demi did a cover

  2. it wont let me open the pdf. ! help ! I really would love to get my hands on this sheet music !thanks !

  3. It’s is sung by Idina Menzel in the movie! Demi Lovato sang a Radio Disney version, but it’s the same song!

    • Misty Carsontonings

      Actually they are different songs; different lyrics and music listen to them both and you’ll see.

  4. I agree with anonymous up there! The song is written and conceptualized based on Idina’s vocal capacity. Disney, being unsure if the “teens”, which are originally the market of the film Frozen, would appreciate the theatrical delivery so they asked Demi to sing the same song for the credits, having a more pop vibe to the song. But I’ll go with Idina’s version. It’s perfect!!! :D

  5. Thanks for this music sheet!!
    Really like it.. <3

  6. This song isn’t the one by Idina Menzel. I know Idina Menzel and Demi Lovato both sung in different keys but Idina’s version starts with the verse and not the chorus.

  7. Anonymous

    I really wish they had the actual piano part from the music, not just her vocals.

  8. Actually the song was based and created for Idina. That’s why she’s the one who sang it in the play but, the writers Lopez decide that they wanted a soundtrack album for it, a single only for Demi Lovato. Robert Lopez and Kristen also said that the song’s context was identified for Demi’s identity. As what demi said “It’s so relatable”. Thats why there is a Lovato’s cover version.

  9. it doesn’t really matter who song is it or who was it originally for.They both did great jobs,they were both good versions.Just relax and enjoy the songs they sound great and just appreciate it.

  10. anonymous

    pls give sheet music for piano and pls make the song by idina menzel!

  11. I like Idina Menzel’s version better, far better than Demi Lovato who seems to have lost the feelings of song.
    They could depend on Amy lee or Marina & the Diamonds for these kind of songs.

  12. Upon your requests, I have updated the intro and chorus to better reflect Idina Menzel’s version. Here is the update: http://goo.gl/K45BP7.

    Here is also an easy key version: http://www.pianobragsongs.com/wordpress/let-it-go-idina-menzel-version-easy-key/.

    Thanks for your comments!

    • Anthony

      Thank you so much for the updated version !!! but is there a possibility that you can do the full song ??

      • Anthony,
        Copyright restrictions prohibit us from posting full versions of songs. We wish we could!

        • Thanks a lot for the score, it’s really, really helpfull, i’m going to play it with one of my little students. Too bad for the copyright and the full song.. Do you know if the full score exist? And if so, where could i find it?

          Anyway, thanks again for your work, and let us play your transcription!

          Greetings from Belgium

          • Gaetan,
            Thx for the note! Full versions are usually available to purchase at http://www.musicnotes.com. I noticed that they are trying to work it out with Disney to get the full versions on their site. You might try there. Good luck and keep bragging!

      • Anthony, We wish we could post full versions, but copyright restrictions prohibit us from doing so. Most of our quick riffs include a chorus and a verse, so you can usually repeat it and have 3/4 of a song. I wish there was more we could do. ;) Keep bragging!

    • Harry Potter

      Thank you!! Love this song!!

  13. Harry Potter

    Can you please add the song, do you want to build a snowman? Thanks!

  14. Logan Tsang

    Good! Can you please apply other songs of Frozen. Since I love it so much.

  15. Happy Lady

    Hi Can please you make a sheet music for this song in vocal piano in Idina Menzel version? If you can Do I order it hear?

    • We wish we could post full versions, but copyright restrictions prohibit us from doing so. Most of our quick riffs include a chorus and a verse, so you can usually repeat it and have 3/4 of a song. I wish there was more we could do. ;) Keep bragging!

  16. Please help me out, i wanna play this on my iphone but its harder as i cant really read music that well
    Can someone link me a sheet or something that just tells you the keys?

    E.G c#, a# a, a, G#

  17. is there an actual piano score for this and the full song? cause that would be fabulous!!

    • Elena, we wish we could post full versions, but copyright restrictions prohibit us from doing so. Most of our quick riffs include a chorus and a verse, so you can usually repeat it and have 3/4 of a song. I wish there was more we could do. ;) Keep bragging!

  18. Love it!!! Could you please add “Icing” by charity vance? I would appreciate it.

  19. It was written specifically for Idina Menzel.
    Even though, yes Demi Lovato did cover it… this actually IS Idina’s song.. :)

  20. I really love it! <3

  21. If I print it (i didnt try yet), will it be the whole song of just a sample page???

    • Helen,
      Most of our arrangements are 2-3 pages. They are “quick riffs” — typically one verse and one chorus. Copyright law does not allow us to post full length songs. Hope that helps.

  22. hey guys.. thanks for the free sheets. This is awesome! can’t wait to play it.Guess we have to pay for the full scores if we really want one (copyright thingy.. this song is a big hit anyway)Demi and Idina did a great job!

  23. Iidina Menzel

    thank you for everything!!!!

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