All of Me – John Legend

Piano Quick Riff – All of Me
Originally performed by John Legend

Piano quick riffs are simplified, shortened piano arrangements for educational purposes.


  1. Could I please have the sheet music thanks

    • Alicia, click / tap on the thumbnail to download the sheet.

      • This is just 3 plages ???

      • There seems to be a lot more of what you play than the sheet music, do you have the sheet for that?

        • John,

          Let me reply for Jared. We do our own arrangements and improvise off of the “Quick Riff” versions, but so far we haven’t found time to publish our full arrangements. We hope you’ll use what you hear to give you and ideas and encourage you to come up with your own arrangements. Good luck, and keep bragging!

  2. Hello,
    I would love to play this.
    How can i download the sheets?

  3. This is the best version i have found and i would love the sheet music for this song! How can i get it?

  4. I love the sheet music you publish. I use it to practice sight reading. Could you publish some older songs also? Thanks so much.

  5. Berrymond

    I wish you included the notes for the piano quick riffs. that was the best part!

  6. Stephanie

    Can You please upload the complete sheet music pleasee!! I really want to learn the song but want the complete version

  7. this is wonderful. iam tring to get piano sheet music to practice for talent shoe.

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